Unpop 207

Love isn’t complicated. We’re just not that smart… Download disc 1

Suburbiac – Dolour (from ‘Origin Story‘ LP)
Bullfighter – Hawks (from ‘Obviously Five Believers’ LP)
Crashing Down – The Gift (from ‘The Sun Shines Here: The Roots Of Indie Pop 1980-1984, 3CD‘)
Bewildered – The Lodger (digital single)
Half – Tigers & Flies (digital single)
Castration Memes – Herbert Powell (from ‘Here In My Scheme, Here It Ends‘ LP)
Ancient Scottish Legend – Pas Musique (from ‘Amateur Radio‘ LP)
I Dreamt Of Silver Men – Paul Quinn & The Independent Group (digital single)
Midnight Cowboy – John Barry (YouTube)
Abandon Ship – April Showers (from ‘The Sun Shines Here: The Roots Of Indie Pop 1980-1984, 3CD‘)
The Blue Man Runs Away – CRYSTAL SHIP (from ‘Think I’m Going Weird: Original Artefacts From The British Psychedelic Scene 1966-68, 5CD‘)
Blank Diary Entry (feat. Mark Lanegan) – Manic Street Preachers (from ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament‘ LP)
You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve – Johnny Boy (YouTube)
God Help The Teenagers Tonight – The Beau Brummels (from ‘The Beau Brummels: Turn Around – The Complete Recordings 1964-1970: 8 Disc Remastered Box Set‘)
All Cameras Gone – Wyndow (from ‘Wyndow‘ LP)
Rabbit Hole – Gemma Rogers (digital single)
Heavy Days – Still Corners (digital single)
Sit Still – Life Model (from ‘Lost on Weekdays / Lonely By Sunday‘ LP)
The Waiting Room – Simon Bromide (digital single)
The Glitter and the Glue – Keeley (from ‘Brave Warrior‘ EP)
There Is A Light – Kacey Musgraves (from ‘Starcrossed‘ LP)
Gracias a la vida – Violeta Parra (YouTube)

Tentative companions now… Download disc 2

How The Day Starts – Haiku Salut (from ‘The Hill, The Light, The Ghost‘ LP)
Honister Pass – The Heartwood Institute (from ‘Land of the Lakes‘ LP)
Reality Net – Richard H. Kirk (YouTube)
Apricots – Bicep (from ‘Isles‘ LP)
Branches – Library Tapes (digital single)
The Cuckoo – Stick In The Wheel (from ‘Tonebeds for Poetry‘ LP)
One Foot Out The Door (Acoustic Version) – Hattie Cooke (from ‘Bliss Land‘ LP)
Red Planes – Weekend (from ‘The ’81 Demos’. YouTube)
Cinematografica – GNAC (from ‘Afternoon Frost‘ LP YouTube)
Awake – Hacia Dos Veranos (from ‘Fragmentos de una tarde somnolienta’ 3″ CD)
Painted Brick – MONNONE ALONE (from ‘Stay Foggy‘ LP)
Seasick – Adam Geoffrey Cole (from digital EP)
To Love Someone (For the First Time) – Ralegh Long (digital single)
Weave of the World – Constant Follower (from ‘Neither Is, Nor Ever Was‘ LP)
This Page Intentionally Left Blank – Moonsoup (from ‘19​-​21 Fray, Dissolve Into Fade‘ compilation)
Penlop – Saint Etienne (from ‘I’ve Been Trying To Tell You‘ LP)
Aloysius – Cocteau Twins (from ‘Treasure’ LP YouTube)
Plant White Roses – The Magnetic Fields (from ‘Distant Plastic Trees’ LP and ‘The Long Secret‘ compilation)
One Red Rose – Advance Base (from ‘Wall of Tears & Other Songs I Didn’t Write‘ LP)
Earlies – Trashcan Sinatras (from ‘I’ve Seen Everything‘ LP reissue)

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