Unpop 208

I heard The Kinks when I was three… Download disc 1

Rock’n’Roll Void – Swansea Sound (from ‘Live At The Rum Puncheon‘ LP)
Estuary – Karen (from ‘Karen’ EP and LP on Shambotic)
Neon Lights – Rossall (from ‘The Last Glam In Town‘ LP)
Security (Extended Version) – The ‘N Betweens (from ‘Once Upon A Time In The West Midlands – The Bostin’ Sounds Of Brumrock 1966-1974, 3CD Box Set‘)
A Sense Of Ending – Hawks (from ‘Obviously Five Believers’ LP)
Sweet Julie Ann – Beachwood Sparks (from ‘Desert Skies’ LP)
The Best Idea – Peter Hall (digital single)
Wind-Up Toys – The Electric Prunes (from ‘Then Came The Dawn – Complete Recordings 1966-1969, 6CD Box Set
Judy’s Toy Box – The Jetset (from ‘The Sun Shines Here: The Roots Of Indie Pop 1980-1984, 3CD‘)
Boys About Town – The Times (from ‘My Picture Gallery – The Artpop! Recordings, 6CD Box Set‘)
Blue Line – Outskirts (7″ single YouTube)
I Don’t Live Here Anymore – The War on Drugs (from ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore‘ LP)
News – Dire Straits (from ‘Communique’ LP)
Somewhere In Chicago – Strand of Oaks (from ‘In Heaven‘ LP)
Behind That Locked Door – George Is Lord (digital single)
The Sound Of Her Voice – Ian M Bailey (from ‘Songs To Dream Along To’ CD or digital)
All About Our Love – Mapache (from ‘3‘ LP)
Lovers Rock – Sade (from ‘Lovers Rock’ LP)
I Tried – Shoestrings (from ‘Expectations‘ LP)
Absolute Power – Molly Nilsson (from ‘Extreme‘ LP)
Indian Summer – The Jazz Butcher (digital flexi)

I’m as lazy as a sky blue day… Download disc 2

Constellations – Dot Allison (from ‘Heart Shaped Stars‘ LP)
Red Sky Morning – Julia Kent & Ian Urbina (from ‘The Gyres‘ as part of the Outlaw Ocean Music Project)
Still Beach – Princess Diana of Wales (from ‘Princess Diana of Wales‘ LP)
Siem Reap – Blackwater (from ‘Navigation‘ LP)
Taking / You – Melinda Bronstein (from ‘In Reverse‘ LP)
Agnes In The Square – The Leaf Library (from ‘Holding Hands In The Dark‘ compilation)
New Moon – Laetitia Sadier (digital single)
Growth Potential – Pye Corner Audio (from ‘Entangled Routes‘ LP)
Memory Box – Rodney Cromwell (digital single)
Power To The Leaves – Cosmic Neighbourhood (from 7″ single)
Ruins – Stick In The Wheel (from ‘Tonebeds for Poetry‘ LP)
Old England – Justin Liquid Anderson (from ‘Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea‘ LP)
Spirits In The Roof Tree – Constant Follower (from ‘Neither Is, Nor Ever Was‘ LP)
Flow – Library Tapes (digital single)
Cathedral Passage – Ralegh Long (digital single)
In My Hermit Hours – David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra (from ‘David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra‘ LP)
The Last Word – Dean Wareham (from ‘I Have Nothing To Say To The Mayor Of LA‘ LP)
Sadness – Dean & Britta (from ‘Quarantine Tapes‘ LP)
Dreaming – Rachel Love (from ‘Picture In Mind‘ LP)
The Party’s Not Over – Jordana and TV Girl (from ‘Summer’s Over‘ LP)

Full playlist on Mixcloud

Significantly truncated playlist on Spotify

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