Unpop 211

Download disc 1

Sleet – Princess Diana of Wales (from ‘Princess Diana of Wales‘ LP)
Suddenly Now Blurry – Ffion (from ‘Their Voyage Into Radiance‘ LP)
Vattnets kullkastande spegel – Anaglyfparken (from ‘Anaglyfparken‘ LP)
The Darkest Ending – Felt (from ‘The Pictorial Jackson Review’ LP)
Stillness – Poppy Ackroyd (from ‘Pause‘ LP)
Dusk – Library Tapes (from ‘Dusk‘ LP)
Song Thrush – Apta (from ‘Endangered Species 1998‘ LP)
When the North Wind Blows – Rowan Morrison (from ‘Bride of the Wintertide‘ LP)
January Snows – The Owl Service (from ‘Swearing On The Horns‘ LP)
A Cold War City – AMMO (digital single)
Silhouette By The Motorway – Torpa (from ‘In Action‘ LP)
Cinematic Lightness – Nurse Predator & Chris Hughes (from ‘Music for Low Luxury‘ LP)
The Smell of Trouble – Pumajaw (from ‘Scapa Foolscap‘ LP)
Extract – Seefeel (from ‘Succour‘ LP)
In My Heaven All Faucets Are Fountains – yes/and (from ‘yes/and‘ LP)
The Deep Valley of Shadow – Reiko and Tori Kudo (from ‘Tangerine‘ LP)
Adios Pamplona – Testbild! (digital single)

Download disc 2

Lite Bites – Position Normal (digital single)
Wax Limousine – Wesley Gonzalez (from ‘Wax Limousine‘ LP)
Flames – Martin Carr (digital single)
TV Flicker – Pale Blue Eyes (digital single)
Too Late Now – Wet Leg (from ‘Wet Leg‘ LP)
Paul McCartney – Laugh (7″ single. YouTube)
The Right Experience – Intastella (from ‘Intastella Overdrive’ LP)
Oh Yes – Paris Angels (from ‘C91‘ 3CD boxset)
Snake – Medalark Eleven (from ‘C91‘ 3CD boxset)
Wah Wah – George Is Lord (digital single)
The Skehans Song – Simon Bromide (from ‘Following The Moon‘ LP)
When The Magic Goes Wrong – The Toni Tubna Trio (from paperback book)
How Did You Die? – Lazy Smoke (from ‘Corridor of Faces‘ LP)
Jealous Guy – Hurray for the Riff Raff (from ‘My Dearest Darkest Neighbour‘ LP)
Hammond Song – The Colourfield (from ‘Virgins and Philistines’ LP)
The Train – The Roches (from ‘The Roches’ LP)
We Got Lost – The Bye Bye Blackbirds (digital single)
On The Last Day (We Spend Together) – David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra (from ‘For Those We Met On The Way‘ LP)
Ain’t That Always The Way (Lonesome Cowboy Original Mix) – Paul Quinn (from digital EP)
Different Drum – The Stone Poneys (YouTube)
Don’t Call On Me – The Monkees (YouTube)

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Stream a partial playlist on Spotify

2 thoughts on “Unpop 211

  1. Sounding great, thanks – it always amazes me how you manage to come up with these January mixes right at the start of the year when there’s (seemingly) not much coming out. Hats off!


  2. Glad you’re enjoying it! I think this might be the first time I’ve managed a ‘two disc’ mix for January too, although judicious use of December releases and ‘how did I miss that?’ certainly helps pad things out 🙂


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