Unpop 214

Download Disc 1

All Dressed In Rain – Bart Davenport (from ‘Episodes‘ LP)
Dr Pong (Edit) – Pale Blue Eyes (digital single)
Folk Song – Carson McHone (from ‘Still Life‘ LP)
The World is a Closed Door – Adam Geoffrey Cole & Grey Malkin (from lathe cut 7″ / digital single)
On A Mountain – Dan Weltman (from ‘Rivers In My Mind‘ LP)
lion heart – Stanley Brinks & Freschard (from ‘Lion Heart‘ LP YouTube)
Far Rider – Still Corners (digital single)
Start Again – Those Pretty Wrongs (from ‘Those Pretty Wrongs / Zed for Lulu‘ reissue LPs)
The Girl In A Gene Clark Song – Starry Eyed And Laughing (from ‘Bells of Lightning‘ LP)
Resplendent In A Darkness – The Monochrome Set (from ‘Allhallowtide‘ LP)
English Rose – Peter Hall (from ‘I Found That Essence Rare‘ compilation LP)
Away – Darren Hanlon (from ‘Life Tax‘ LP)
Murmuration – Clara Engel (from ‘Their Invisible Hands‘ LP)
Romantic – Lande Hekt (from 7″ single)
April Of My Life – Young Guv (from ‘Guv III‘ LP)
A Breeze – Erasers (from ‘Constant Connection‘ LP)
Aurora – Loop (from ‘Sonancy‘ LP)
Back To The Radio – Porridge Radio (from ‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky‘ LP)
You’re On Your Own – Simon Love (from ‘Love, Sex and Death etc‘ LP

Download Disc 2

Christ Is a Tomb – David Peel & The Lower East Side (from ‘And The Rest Is History : The Elektra Recordings’)
People Who Died – The Jim Carroll Band (from ‘Catholic Boy’ LP)
Me and the Riddle Tree – Mick Trouble (from ‘It’s Mick Trouble’s Second LP‘)
Drive You Home – Wesley Gonzalez (from ‘Wax Limousine‘ LP)
Angelica – Wet Leg (from ‘Wet Leg’ LP)
Heard About Your Band – Brakes (from ‘(Presenting Brakes !Live!) Rock Is Dodelijk’ LP)
Folly – Sea Power (from ‘Everything Was Forever‘ LP)
Put This Right – Billy Mackenzie (from ‘Satellite Life – Recordings 1994 – 96‘ 3CD set)
Tape Deck – Ellis Island Sound (digital single)
Everything Is Going To Be Alright – Princess Chelsea (digital single)
Inshore Waters – Café Kaput (from ‘Maritime – Themes and Textures‘ LP)
Saw Teeth – Pneumatic Tubes (from ‘A Letter From Treetops‘ LP)
An Stevel Nowydh – Gwenno (from ‘Tresor‘ LP)
Sokolonko – 6th Crowd (digital single)
Don’t (You Mess With Me) [Radio Edit] – xPropaganda (from ‘The Heart Is Strange‘ LP)
Loro Sangue è Sufficiente – Salvatore Mercatante (from ‘Mysteries and Prophecies of the Stega‘ LP)
Looking at Lifeforms – Twilight Sequence (from 7″ single)
Beneath a Hunter’s Moon – Meadowsilver (digital single)
Stars – The Weather Station (from ‘How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars?‘ LP)
Spring Is Here – Bill Evans (from ‘The Legendary Bill Evans‘ 3CD set)
Nightqueen – Hurray For The Riff Raff (from ‘Life On Earth‘ LP)

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