Unpop 216 – June 2022

Download disc 1

Kneading – Jill Lorean (from ‘This Rock‘ LP)
Disraeli’s Problem – Spirogyra (from ‘The Future Won’t Be Long – The Albums 1971-1973, 3CD Box Set‘)
Bend Away & Fall – Dana Gavanski (from ‘When It Comes‘ LP)
Nabihah Iqbal x SITW : The Milkmaid – Stick In The Wheel (from ‘Perspectives On Tradition‘ LP)
Contados los segundos es nada lo dulce – Aura en el espejo (from ‘Terrón de azúcar‘ LP)
The Overgrown Garden – The Toy Library (from ‘Vignettes For May‘ LP)
Making Plans – Everyday Dust (from ‘Deadham Ridge‘ LP)
Spacing Out – D’Arcangelo (from ‘Arium‘ LP)
Theme from “A Few Dollars More”- Babe Ruth (from ‘Darker Than Blue – The Harvest Years 1972-1975, 3CD Box Set‘)
Fool’s Gold – Hemlock (from ‘Hemlock‘ LP)
If That’s What It Takes – Legends Of Country (digital single)
Living, Learning, Trying To Forget – Ray Pressley (from ‘The Wonderful World Of Depressing Country Music‘ CD
Audacity – The Muldoons (digital single)
Pristine Disarray (Radio Edit) – The Sylvia Platters (digital single)
Move With The Dawn – Mark Eric (from ‘Heroes & Villains – The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-1968‘ 3CD Box Set)
It Won’t Always Be The Same – The Millennium (from ‘Heroes & Villains – The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-1968‘ 3CD Box Set)
Sunny, Honey Girl – Fluff (from ‘Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2‘ 3CD set)
She Is Still A Mystery – Summer Wine (from ‘Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2‘ 3CD set)
Summer Dreaming – Harmony Grass (from ‘Harmony Grass’ LP)
Pink Frost – The House Of Love (from ‘Burn Down The World‘ 8CD box set)
Friends Again – The Chills (from ‘Secret Box’)
State Of Art – Friends Again (from ‘In The Beginning‘ LP)
Art Rules Rock Mix – Chicks On Speed (from ‘Art Rules’ EP)
Only Human (xTract) – xPropaganda (from ‘The Heart Is Strange’ LP)
Twisted Cord – Caulbearers (digital single)

Download disc 2

An Ode To If – Accu (from ‘Follow The Ivy‘ EP)
Song to the Cliodna – Sedna Chronicles (from ‘Sedna Chronicles‘ LP)
White Over – HARESS (from ‘Ghosts‘ LP)
Cottonmouth – The Wolfhounds (from ‘Bright and Guilty‘ 2LP reissue)
Strange Journey – Martin Carr (digital single)
Only Fades Away – Chris & Jed (from ‘Singles and B-Sides‘ LP)
Change Your Mind – Young Guv (from ‘GUV IV‘ LP)
World Passing By – David Long and Shane O’Neill (from ‘Age Of Finding Stars‘ LP)
Jealousy – Porridge Radio (from ‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky‘ LP)
Bounce Off The Bottom – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (from ‘Endless Rooms‘ LP)
Haircut – Alex the Astronaut (from ‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater‘ LP)
Together Forever In Love – Go Sailor (from ‘Go Sailor‘ LP reissue)
We’re In The City – Saint Etienne (from ‘Sound Of Water‘ deluxe CD)
Picture Me Gone – Madeline Bell (from ‘Gotta Get A Good Thing Goin’ – The Music Of Black Britain In The Sixties, 4CD Book Set‘)
The Midwife Cycles Home – The Light Music Company (from ‘Housewives Favourites‘ LP)
You Don’t Know What Love Is – The Poppy Family (from ‘A Good Thing Lost‘ CD R.I.P. Susan Jacks)
Joy In The Finding – Agincourt (from ‘A Game For All Who Know: The H & F Recordings Box’)
Summerdays – Weekend (from ‘La Varieté’ LP)
March Of The Civil Servants – peter howell & john ferdinando (from ‘A Game For All Who Know: The H & F Recordings Box’)
Garden In The Moonlight – The Times (from ‘The Times: My Picture Gallery – The Artpop! Recordings, 6CD Box Set
Loftholdingswood – Microdisney (from ‘The Clock Comes Down The Stairs’ LP. R.I.P. Cathal Caughlan)

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