Unpop 216

This month’s cover image is an original linocut print design. ‘Great Pen, from Glebe House, Devon’. It is available to buy mounted or unmounted from the Unpop Shop. This design is also available as a card.

Download disc 1

Kneading – Jill Lorean (from ‘This Rock‘ LP)
Disraeli’s Problem – Spirogyra (from ‘The Future Won’t Be Long – The Albums 1971-1973, 3CD Box Set‘)
Bend Away & Fall – Dana Gavanski (from ‘When It Comes‘ LP)
Nabihah Iqbal x SITW : The Milkmaid – Stick In The Wheel (from ‘Perspectives On Tradition‘ LP)
Contados los segundos es nada lo dulce – Aura en el espejo (from ‘Terrón de azúcar‘ LP)
The Overgrown Garden – The Toy Library (from ‘Vignettes For May‘ LP)
Making Plans – Everyday Dust (from ‘Deadham Ridge‘ LP)
Spacing Out – D’Arcangelo (from ‘Arium‘ LP)
Theme from “A Few Dollars More”- Babe Ruth (from ‘Darker Than Blue – The Harvest Years 1972-1975, 3CD Box Set‘)
Fool’s Gold – Hemlock (from ‘Hemlock‘ LP)
If That’s What It Takes – Legends Of Country (digital single)
Living, Learning, Trying To Forget – Ray Pressley (from ‘The Wonderful World Of Depressing Country Music‘ CD
Audacity – The Muldoons (digital single)
Pristine Disarray (Radio Edit) – The Sylvia Platters (digital single)
Move With The Dawn – Mark Eric (from ‘Heroes & Villains – The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-1968‘ 3CD Box Set)
It Won’t Always Be The Same – The Millennium (from ‘Heroes & Villains – The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-1968‘ 3CD Box Set)
Sunny, Honey Girl – Fluff (from ‘Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2‘ 3CD set)
She Is Still A Mystery – Summer Wine (from ‘Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2‘ 3CD set)
Summer Dreaming – Harmony Grass (from ‘Harmony Grass’ LP)
Pink Frost – The House Of Love (from ‘Burn Down The World‘ 8CD box set)
Friends Again – The Chills (from ‘Secret Box’)
State Of Art – Friends Again (from ‘In The Beginning‘ LP)
Art Rules Rock Mix – Chicks On Speed (from ‘Art Rules’ EP)
Only Human (xTract) – xPropaganda (from ‘The Heart Is Strange’ LP)
Twisted Cord – Caulbearers (digital single)

Download disc 2

An Ode To If – Accu (from ‘Follow The Ivy‘ EP)
Song to the Cliodna – Sedna Chronicles (from ‘Sedna Chronicles‘ LP)
White Over – HARESS (from ‘Ghosts‘ LP)
Cottonmouth – The Wolfhounds (from ‘Bright and Guilty‘ 2LP reissue)
Strange Journey – Martin Carr (digital single)
Only Fades Away – Chris & Jed (from ‘Singles and B-Sides‘ LP)
Change Your Mind – Young Guv (from ‘GUV IV‘ LP)
World Passing By – David Long and Shane O’Neill (from ‘Age Of Finding Stars‘ LP)
Jealousy – Porridge Radio (from ‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky‘ LP)
Bounce Off The Bottom – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (from ‘Endless Rooms‘ LP)
Haircut – Alex the Astronaut (from ‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater‘ LP)
Together Forever In Love – Go Sailor (from ‘Go Sailor‘ LP reissue)
We’re In The City – Saint Etienne (from ‘Sound Of Water‘ deluxe CD)
Picture Me Gone – Madeline Bell (from ‘Gotta Get A Good Thing Goin’ – The Music Of Black Britain In The Sixties, 4CD Book Set‘)
The Midwife Cycles Home – The Light Music Company (from ‘Housewives Favourites‘ LP)
You Don’t Know What Love Is – The Poppy Family (from ‘A Good Thing Lost‘ CD R.I.P. Susan Jacks)
Joy In The Finding – Agincourt (from ‘A Game For All Who Know: The H & F Recordings Box’)
Summerdays – Weekend (from ‘La Varieté’ LP)
March Of The Civil Servants – peter howell & john ferdinando (from ‘A Game For All Who Know: The H & F Recordings Box’)
Garden In The Moonlight – The Times (from ‘The Times: My Picture Gallery – The Artpop! Recordings, 6CD Box Set
Loftholdingswood – Microdisney (from ‘The Clock Comes Down The Stairs’ LP. R.I.P. Cathal Caughlan)

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