Unpop 217

Download Disc 1

The Night – xPropaganda (from ‘The Heart Is Strange’ LP)
Dean’s 7th Dream – My Favorite (from ‘Tender Is The Nightshift: Part 1‘ EP)
Your Silent Face – Velocity Girl (7″ single. YouTube)
Build A Fire – Stars (from ‘From Capleton Hill‘ LP)
The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes – The House Of Love (from ‘Burn Down The World‘ 8CD box set)
Behind Her Lovely Smile – My Raining Stars (from ‘89 Memories‘ LP)
Broken Beauty – Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band (from ‘Dear Scott‘ LP)
English Parish Churches – David Westlake (from ‘My Beautiful England‘ LP)
The Cotswolds – Ernest Moon (from ‘Skipping to Maloo‘ LP)
This Boy Is A Mess – The Orchids (from ‘Dreaming Kind‘ LP)
I Confess – Marine Research (from ‘Peel Session‘ EP)
Parallel World – silver biplanes (from lathe cut and digital single)
The Summer At The Sawmill – Loch Ness Mouse (digital single)
Don’t Hang up on Me – Tchotchke (YouTube)
Stop – Gemma Rogers (from ‘No Place Like Home‘ LP)
Meet The Lovely Jenny Brown – The Bachelor Pad (available on ‘All Hash and Cock‘ LP. R.I.P. the wonderful Tommy Cherry)
Everything’s Going South – Legends Of Country (from ‘Anything But Country‘ LP)
Going Down – Starry Eyed and Laughing (from ‘Miles Out To Sea: The Roots Of British Power Pop 1969-1975‘ 3CD Box Set)
Garden of Life – HEMLOCK (from ‘Hemlock‘ LP)
Light My Fire – Mapache (from ‘Roscoe’s Dream‘ LP)
Get Through This – Emily Fairlight & The Shifting Sands (from ‘Sun Casts a Shadow‘ LP also from Occultation for the UK)

Download Disc 2

Euphoric Clashes – Stick In The Wheel x Jon1st, Nabihah Iqbal, Olugbenga (from ‘Perspectives On Tradition‘ LP)
Pinky – Schmitz & Niebuhr (from ‘The Greatest Hits‘)
Ghost Orchid (Lomond Campbell Remix) – Dot Allison (from ‘The Entangled Remix‘ EP)
Concrete Antenna (Miaoux Miaoux Remix – Radio Edit) – Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John (from ‘Concrete Antenna / Revisited‘ LP)
Garland Queens and Old Straw Bears – Meadowsilver (from ‘Meadowsilver II‘ LP)
Editare Rosie – Räven Musen (from ‘Peppermint Soldier‘ LP)
Sabine Equation – Wealdham (from ‘Complex Systems‘ LP)
Midwich School – Hannah Peel (from ‘The Midwich Cuckoos – Original Score‘ LP)
Men An Toll – Gwenno (from ‘Tresor‘ LP)
I Buried the Candlesticks – Alison Cotton (from ‘The Portrait You Painted Of Me‘ LP)
Ivory – Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus (from ‘Swift Wings‘ LP)
Waiting – The Unthanks (from ‘Ballads‘ LP)
A Garden After Rain – The Light Music Company (from ‘Housewives Favourites‘ LP)
Everybody Go Home, The Party’s Over – Clodagh Rodgers (from ‘Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2‘ 3CD set)
You – Lorraine Child (from ‘Gotta Get A Good Thing Goin’ – The Music Of Black Britain In The Sixties, 4CD Book Set‘)
Moves Like Miyagi – Dolour (digital single)
Training Montage – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Bleed Out‘ LP)
Something Pretty – The WAEVE (digital single)
1980 – Organised Scum (digital single – on Soundcloud from July 10th)
The Montrose Air Station Ghost – Kitchen Cynics & Grey Malkin (from lathe cut and digital single)
11 p.m. – Letters From Mouse (from ‘Sleep Tapes‘ cassingle)

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