Unpop 219

Download disc 1

Polynesian Suite – Buddy Collette (from ‘Dark Exotica: As Dug By Lux & Ivy‘ LP)
Earthsings (Featuring Brenda Fassie) – A Man Called Adam (from ‘All My Favourite…’ LP)
The Kaleidoscope Affair – Swing Out Sister (from ‘Blue Mood, Breakout And Beyond – The Early Years Part 1‘ 8CD Box Set)
City Girl – Rachel Love (from ‘Stories From Another Time‘ EP)
I Never Thought I Was Clever – The Orchids (from ‘Dreaming Kind‘ LP)
Sisters – Northern Portrait (from ‘The Swiss Army‘ LP)
Getting Stranger – The Martial Arts (from lathe cut 10″)
Aerodrome Motel – Nick Frater (from ‘Aerodrome Motel‘ LP)
Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time) – Mitch Easter (from ‘We All Shine On: Celebrating The Music Of 1970‘ LP)
This Too Shall Pass Away – The Honeycombs (single)
Kick Out The Jams (Live) – World Of Twist (from ‘Quality Street’ expanded edition)
ariel vendor – Sweet Juice (from ‘Sweet Juice‘ LP)
Dude Electric Cell – The Clouds (single)
Super Star (Edit) – Quatermass III (digital single)
Urban Guerrilla – Hawkwind (from ‘High In The Morning – British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1973‘ 3CD Box Set)
Revolt into Style – Bill Nelson’s Red Noise (from ‘Art/Empire/Industry – The Complete Red Noise‘ 6CD Remastered Box Set)
Casement – Organised Scum (digital single)
Welsh Words – The Fashion Weak ft. Gruff Rhys (digital single)
September Hills – Eyeless In Gaza (from ‘Skeletal Framework – The Cherry Red Recordings 1981-1986‘ 5CD Box Set)
Mémento (Homage to Lorca) – Morgan Szymanski and Tommy Perman (from ‘Music for the Moon and the Trees‘ LP)

Download disc 2

Working Against Time – Bobby Would (from ‘Styx‘ LP)
Spectroscopic Binary – The Soulless Party (from ‘Macrocosmic Thinking‘ LP)
Railway Tracks – The Hardy Tree (from ‘Common Grounds‘ LP)
Statique Électrique – Delphine (from ‘Participation – Volume One‘ LP)
Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Feral Five (from ‘Come Into My World: A collection of Kylie Minogue Covers‘ LP)
6 Or 7 More – Cool Sounds (from ‘Like That‘ LP)
In Between Days (feat. Jane Inc.) – Ducks Ltd. (digital single)
First Blood – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Bleed Out‘ LP)
High Ole Time – Vic Godard (digital single)
Give Us Some Space – Rusty’s Yard (digital single)
Propellers – The Frowning Clouds (from ‘Gospel Sounds & More from the Church of Scientology‘ LP)
Thin Blue Line – Old Town Crier (from ‘You‘ EP)
Revelation Blues – Triptides (from ‘So Many Days‘ LP)
High In The Morning – Rare Bird (from ‘High In The Morning – British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1973‘ 3CD Box Set)
The Burnet Rose – David Lance Callahan (from ‘English Primitive II‘ LP)
Messenger Birds – Mellow Candle (from ‘Swaddling Songs’ LP)
Time Has Grown A Raspberry (feat Annie Williamson) – Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears (digital EP)
When We Believed – Alela Diane (digital single)
Word on a Wing – Dana Gavanski (from ‘Bouncing Ball‘ EP)
Feeling Bad Forsyth Street – Sofie Royer (from ‘Harlequin‘ LP)
Sweet Connection – Elizabeth (digital single)
Ride My Bike – Alex the Astronaut (from ‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater‘ LP)

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