Unpop 220

This month’s cover image is an original linocut print design. ‘Sunlight on Holy Isle, Arran, seen from Troon bay’. It is available to buy mounted or unmounted from the Unpop Shop. This design is also available as a card.

October – Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus (from ‘Swift Wings‘ LP)
Etude No. 2 (for horn, piano, birds and small orchestra) – Petridisch (from ‘Etudes Vol. 1‘ cassette)
Daubenton’s bat – Hanna Tuulikki and Tommy Perman (from ‘Echo In The Dark‘ lathe cut 7″)
Starlings – A Man Called Adam (from ‘Starlings‘ EP)
The Room – The Orielles (from ‘Tableau‘ LP)
N.Y.C.A.W. “The lonely summer”mix by JDBRADFIELD – Gwenno (digital single)
The British Army On LSD – Luke Haines & Peter Buck (from ‘All The Kids Are Super Bummed Out‘ LP)
The Shuffle Man – Robyn Hitchcock (from ‘Shufflemania!‘ LP)
Rising Sun – Medicine Head (from ‘High In The Morning – British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1973‘ 3CD Box Set)
It’s a Shame (Catford Gyrations Remix) – Love, Burns (digital single)
The Nicest Way – The Persian Leaps (from ‘Machines for Living‘ LP)
Saw You at the Record Shop Today – The Reds, Pinks & Purples (from ‘They Only Wanted Your Soul‘ LP)
October Leaves – Crossword Smiles (from ‘Pressed & Ironed‘ LP)
The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane – Timon (from ‘Climb Aboard My Roundabout! The British Toytown Sound 1967-1974‘ 3CD Box Set)
Whatever Happened To Thamesbeat – The Times (from ‘Edward Ball: It’s Kinda Lonely Where I Am – Anthology 1977-2010‘ 3CD Box Set
You Don’t Know – The Pleasers (from ‘Thamesbeat’ LP)
We go there anyway – Ali Heath (from ‘When The Day Is Done‘ LP)
Magic Garden – Dusty Springfield (from ‘Clowns Exit Laughing – The Jimmy Webb Songbook‘ LP)
Wish You Were a Girl – Tchotchke (from ‘Tchotchke‘ LP)
Come Around – Carla dal Forno (from ‘Come Around‘ LP)
You – Alexia Avina (from ‘Crush‘ EP)
The Lure Of The Rock Pools – Marine Girls (from ‘Lazy Ways / Beach Party‘ reissue)
The Still Point – The Leaf Library (from ‘Library Music: Volume One‘ LP)
Summer’s End – Pneumatic Tubes (from ‘A Letter From Treetops‘ LP)

Download Disc 1

Where Everything Sparkles And Shines – Cindytalk (from ‘Subterminal‘ LP)
Inert Gas – five Bubble criteria (from ‘VI‘ cassette)
Totes Meer – Torpa (from ‘Remains 2012-2016‘ LP)
Bear Factory – David Lance Callahan (from ‘English Primitive II‘ LP)
Can I Call You – The WAEVE (from ‘The WAEVE‘ LP YouTube)
Gradient – Recitals (from ‘Orbit I‘ LP)
The Spectacle – I LIKE TRAINS (digital single)
Under Northern Sky – Pale Blue Eyes (from ‘Souvenirs‘ LP)
Agua Por Favor – Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport (from 7″ and digital single)
Hard To Be Happy – Poor Performer (from ‘Like Yer Wounds Too‘ LP)
People Take Pictures Of Each Other (feat. Bedouine) – Steady Holiday (digital single)
I Just Wanted To See You So Bad (Lucinda Williams Cover) – Quivers (from 7″ and digital single)
Daybreak Sunshine – MU (from ‘Merrell Fankhauser: Goin’ Round In My Mind – The Merrell Fankhauser Anthology 1964-1979‘ 6CD boxset)
River Song – Sproatly smith (from ‘River Wye Suite‘ LP)
Crystal Waters – Motte (from ‘Cold + Liquid‘ LP)
The Ways We Hurt – Sharron Kraus (from ‘Kin‘ LP)
South Dunedin – maxine funke (from ‘Pieces of Driftwood‘ LP)
The Fire This Time – Marisa Anderson (from ‘Still, Here‘ LP)
Someone is smoking – Sofie Royer (from ‘Harlequin‘ LP)
Swimming – Bridgett xo (from ‘Walk With Me‘ EP)

Download Disc 2

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