Unpop 221

This month’s cover image is an original linocut print design. ‘Undercliff, Branscombe’. It is available to buy mounted or unmounted from the Unpop Shop. This design is also available as a card.

Waterfall – Bicep (digital single)
Waves Come Crashing – Spacemoth (from ‘No Past No Future‘ LP)
Fleshtones – Love Corporation (from ‘Edward Ball: It’s Kinda Lonely Where I Am – Anthology 1977-2010‘ 3CD Box Set)
Oleander – Rieux (from ‘The Gestalt Manifesto‘ LP)
Art On 45 – Royal Family And The Poor (from ‘The Hacienda 1982‘ 4CD Book Set)
Liquid Love – NO ZU (from ‘Liquid Love‘ EP)
The Love You Bring – Hydroplane (from ‘Ballads‘ LP)
nostalgia – Ann Annie and Rose Brokenshire (from ‘Homeward‘ EP)
Cold + Liquid – Motte (from ‘Cold + Liquid‘ LP)
i never do – anrimeal (from’Skin Deep: A Study On Human Skin And Concert‘ LP)
The Locked Garden – Sharron Kraus (from ‘K I N‘ LP
A Little More – Carpet Burn (from ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carpet Burn‘ EP)
Princess Diana Awaiting Ambulance – My Favorite (from ‘Tender Is the Nightshift: Part 1‘ EP)
The Pip – Recitals (from ‘Orbit I‘ LP)
I’ve Enjoyed As Much Of This Good Life (As I Can Take) – Jeb Loy Nichols (from ‘The United States of The Broken Hearted‘ LP
Stars At Noon – Tindersticks (from ‘Stars At Noon (Original Soundtrack)‘ LP)
Seen From Paths – The Balloonist (from ‘The Balloonist‘ LP)
The Confluence – Andrew Wasylyk (from ‘Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls‘ LP YouTube)

Download Disc 1

Titan – Holmes + atten Ash (from ‘Saturnian‘ LP with video clips)
The Wiccan Circle – Concretism (from ‘The Concretism Archive: Volume 2‘ LP)
The Lovers – Burd Ellen (from ‘A Tarot of The Green Wood‘ LP)
Regeneration Sect – Adam Geoffrey Cole (from ‘The Tracks of The Afterlander‘ LP)
Avalanche Thoughts No. 3 – Andrew Poppy (from ‘Ark Hive of A Live‘ 4CD boxset)
Salt Of The Earth – The Rolling Stones (from ‘Beggars Banquet’ LP YouTube)
Song For Sunny – Mirage (from ‘The World Goes On Around You – The Mirage Anthology‘ 3CD Set)
Love Is More – Princess Chelsea (from ‘Everything Is Going To Be Alright‘ LP)
This Whole World – Dolour (from ‘Suburbiac‘ LP)
In Plain Sight – Peter Hall (digital single)
Tune to Green – The Loch Ness Mouse (from ‘III‘ LP)
Good Morning Britain – Aztec Camera (from ‘Stray’LP YouTube)
V. Thirteen – Big Audio Dynamite (from ‘No. 10, Upping St.’ LP YouTube)
Diary Of A Crap Artist – Luke Haines & Peter Buck (from ‘All The Kids Are Super Bummed Out‘ LP)
She’s a Fighter – Robert Forster (from ‘The Candle and The Flame‘ LP YouTube)
Ejection (single version) – Robert Calvert (from ‘Wind Of Change – Progressive Sounds Of 1973‘ 4CD Box Set)
Jenny – Kaleidoscope (from ‘Climb Aboard My Roundabout! The British Toytown Sound 1967-1974‘ 3CD Box Set)
Just for Jerry – The Fentones (from ‘George Martin: A Painter In Sound – Pre-Beatles Productions & Classical Influences‘ 4CD Set)
Halcyon Days – One Thousand Violins (from ‘C85‘ 3CD boxset)
Lonely Days (And Nights More Lonely) – Tammy Wynette (from ‘Tammy’s Touch‘ LP)
Funerals and Fiftieths – Legends Of Country (from ‘Anything But Country‘ LP)

Download Disc 2

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