Unpop 223 – Advent Music 2022

There has been no musical advent on the Unpopular blog in 2022, but there has been one of sorts unfolding day by day over on The Twitter. Here, then, is that sequence, with one or two track changes due to my preferred cuts not being available on The YouTube or wherever. Streaming and download, as ever. And as ever, please buy the things you like rather than just streaming them on The Spotify or whatever. Support the artists and labels. I thank you and wish you all a very Happy (and delightfully Unpopular) Christmas.

Dr Pong – Pale Blue Eyes (from ‘Souvenirs‘ LP)
Staring at the Henry Moore – Aldous Harding (from ‘Warm Chris‘ LP)
The Pip – Recitals (from ‘Orbit I‘ LP)
So Many Days – Triptides (from ‘So Many Days‘ LP)
Funerals and Fiftieths – Legends Of Country (from ‘Anything But Country‘ LP)
Hard To Be Happy – Poor Performer (from ‘Like Yer Wounds Too‘ LP)
Wish You Were a Girl – Tchotchke (from ‘Tchotchke‘ LP)
Baker Miller Pink – Sofie Royer (from ‘Harlequin‘ LP)
Obnoxiously Talented – Molly Nilsson (from ‘Extreme‘ LP)
The Lovers – Burd Ellen (from ‘A Tarot of The Green Wood‘ LP)
Violet May – Alison Cotton (from ‘The Portrait You Painted Of Me‘ LP)
The Locked Garden – Sharron Kraus (from ‘K I N‘ LP)
The Garden Of Earthly Delights – Carla dal Forno (from ‘Come Around‘ LP)
Beam/s – The Orielles (from ‘Tableau‘ LP)
Litres Into Metres / Susurrus – HARESS (from ‘Ghosts‘ LP)
N.Y.C.A.W. – Gwenno (from ‘Tresor‘ LP)
UFObird – spacemoth (from ‘No Past No Future‘ LP)
Kneading – Jill Lorean (from ‘This Rock‘ LP)
Rhododendron – Hurray For The Riff Raff (from ‘Life On Earth‘ LP)
South Dunedin – Maxine Funke (from ‘Pieces of Driftwood‘ LP)
Cold + Liquid – Motte (from ‘Cold + Liquid‘ LP)
Get Through This – Emily Fairlight / The Shifting Sands (from ‘Sun Casts a Shadow‘ LP also from Occultation for the UK)
Bear Factory – David Lance Callahan (from ‘English Primitive II‘ LP)
I Never Thought I Was Clever – The Orchids (from ‘Dreaming Kind‘ LP)

Download the whole mix

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