Unpop 225

Drowning – The WAEVE (from ‘The WAEVE‘ LP)
Tender Years – Robert Forster (from ‘The Candle and The Flame‘ LP)
I’m Hiding My Nightingale – White Magic (digital EP)
Papparayray – DUFDUF (digital single)
Come Winter – The Pull of Autumn (from ‘Beautiful Broken World‘ LP)
Blinded By The Night – The Martial Arts (from lathe cut EP)
Madman in the Rain – Dot Dash (from ‘Madman In The Rain‘ LP)
Heaven Just Watched – Hollow Hand (from ‘Your Own Adventure‘ LP)
Point That Thing Somewhere Else (The Clean) – The Courtneys (digital single)
I’m In Love With These Times – Bailterspace (from ‘Nelsh’ EP)
Anything Could Happen – The Clean (from ‘Boodle Boodle Boodle‘ EP. R.I.P. Hamish Kilgour)
In the Red – Office Dog (digital single)
God On The Freeway – Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West (from ‘Second Summer‘ LP)
Lost and Alone (and Driving) – Stephen Stannard (from ‘High and Dry‘ LP)
The Stars Align – sliver biplanes (from ‘A Moment In The Sun‘ LP)
Open Eyes – Alison Statton & Spike (from ‘Tidal Blues’ LP)
Years Beneath A Yarrow Moon – Andrew Wasylyk (from ‘Hearing The Water Before Seeing The The Falls‘ LP)
Capture the Snowfall Forever – Cate Brooks (from ‘Winterfest‘ EP)
A Worm With A Head – The Trash Can Sinatras (from ‘On a B Road’ LP)
20 Everything Is Going To Be Alright (Pt. 2) – Princess Chelsea (from ‘Everything Is Going To Be Alright‘ LP)

Download ‘Disc 1’

Another Year, Another Day – The Poppy Family (from ‘A Good Thing Lost’ LP)
Colour My World – Petula Clark (from ‘What A Groovy Day: The British Sunshine Pop Sound 1967-1972‘ 3CD)
I’m A Train – Colors of Love (from ‘What A Groovy Day: The British Sunshine Pop Sound 1967-1972‘ 3CD)
Truck Train Tractor – The Pastels (from ‘Truckload of Trouble‘ LP)
Bye Bye Baby – Bay City Rollers (from ‘Once Upon A Star’ LP)
Soft As Your Face – The Soup Dragons (from ‘Raw TV Products – Singles & Rarities 1985-88‘ LP)
Onwards and Upwards – Billy Tibbals (from 7″ single)
Another Place, Another Time – The Miamis (from ‘We Deliver: The Lost Band Of The CBGB Era (1974–1979)’ LP)
I Was A Star – First Class (from ‘The First Class: Beach Baby – The Complete Recordings‘ 3CD Set)
I Wanna Murder You – Go-Kart Mozart (from ‘Pop-Up! Ker-Ching! And The Possibilities of Modern Shopping’ LP)
The Rubettes – The Auteurs (from ‘The Auteurs: People Round Here Don’t Like To Talk About It – The Complete EMI Recordings‘ 6CD Box Set)
Love Inflation – Lieutenant Pigeon (from ‘Lieutenant Pigeon: The Decca Years‘ 2CD)
True Love Travels On a Gravel Road – Elvis Presley (from ‘From Elvis in Memphis’ LP)
2 Cool 2 Be 4-Gotten – Lucinda Williams (from ‘Car Wheels On a Gravel Road’ LP)
Castles In the Air – The Colourfield (from ‘Virgins and Philistines’ LP. R.I.P. Terry Hall)
If I Could – Ben Reed & Miranda Reed (from ‘Loft‘ LP)
Different – Mama Cass Elliot (from ‘Pufnstuf’ LP)
Melody Fair – Bee Gees (from ‘Odessa’ LP)
Cherish – The Association (from ‘Life Moves Pretty Fast: The John Hughes Mixtapes’ boxset)
Moon 3 – Friends Again (from ‘Trapped and Unwrapped‘ reissued LP)
Help – Rozi Plain (from ‘Prize‘ LP)
Life On Earth (with Preservation Hall Jazz Band) – Hurray For The Riff Raff (digital single)
The Darkest Ending – Felt (from ‘The Pictorial Jackson Review’ LP. R.I.P. Martin Duffy)

Download ‘Disc 2’

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