Unpop 227

Invitation (feat. Ratboys and Mo Troper) – Ducks Ltd. (digital single)
Found Footage – quatermass 3 (from ‘Music for Most Occasions vol 1‘ EP)
Mod Girl – Steve Stoeckel (from ‘The Power of And‘ LP)
Touch Too Much – Arrows (from ‘The Complete Arrows Collection‘ 2CD set)
I’m A Stranger – The Action(from ‘Deviation Street: High Times In Ladbroke Grove – 1967-1975‘ 3CD Box Set)
Mrs Richie – Tony Rivers and The Castaways (from ‘Move A Little Closer – The Complete Recordings 1963-1970‘ 3CD Box Set)
Let Me In – The Osmonds (from ‘The Plan’ LP)
Hasbrook Heights – Dionne Warwick (from ‘Dionne’ LP)
You’re A Star – Aquarian Dream (from ‘The Greatest Soul/Funk & Disco 12″ Singles Of The 70s and 80s‘ 4CD Box Set)
Pre-Code Hollywood (feat. Nile Rodgers) – Jonathan Bree (from ‘Pre-Code Hollywood‘ LP)
Unconscious Rivals – Hairband (from ‘Under The Plow‘ cassette)
Arch Nemesis – Dancer (from ‘Dancer‘ cassette)
Weapon Of Love – Blone Noble (digital single)
Hobbies – Lichen Slow (from ‘Rest Lurks‘ LP)
So In the Moment – Belle and Sebastian (from ‘Late Developers‘ LP)
Jet – Iron Virgin (from ‘Teenage Glampage – Can The Glam 2‘ 4CD Box Set)
Waking Up (Radio Edit) – Withered Hand (from ‘How To Love‘ LP)
Big Air – Office Dog (digital single)
Lost Connection – Eric Silverman (from ‘Stay In It‘ LP)
Munich – Giant Brain (from ‘Grade A Gray Day‘ LP)

download part one

Delta – Crosby, Stills & Nash (from ‘Daylight Again’ LP)
Cowboy Raga – Delta (from ‘Singularity’ LP)
Days – Television (from ‘Adventure’ LP)
I’ll Remember – The Chameleons (from ‘Cherry Stars Collide – Dream Pop, Shoegaze & Ethereal Rock 1986-1995‘ 4CD Box Set)
Betweenness – GNAC (from ‘The Echoes on Departure‘ LP
(Half Light Of) the Cadmium Moon – Andrew Wasylyk (from ‘Parallel Light‘ LP)
Photographs Of Clouds – Peter Rogers (from ‘The Science of Imaginary Solutions‘ LP)
close your eyes – Áslaug Dungal (from ‘Drullumall 4‘ compilation LP)
Amarant – Troth (from ‘Forget The Curse‘ LP)
My Thoughts – Dana Gavanski (digital single)
Pass Back Through – L.T. Leif (from ‘Come Back To Me, But Lightly‘ LP)
This Heart Beats Black – The Declining Winter (from ‘Really Early, Really Late‘ LP)
Soundtrack for a Hummingbird – Goodparley x Shreddies (from ‘Soundtrack and Marine‘ cassette)
‘Heol Fanog’ – Gwenno (digital single)
Spoondrift – Pefkin (from ‘The Light Bends Inwards‘ LP)
Troon – Wohnen (digital track)
Go Dig My Grave – Lankum (from ‘False Lankum‘ LP)

download part two

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