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can you drive me to the shore?

Water Water – Emily Fairlight (from ‘Mother of Gloom’ LP. Bandcamp)
Music Speaks (DJ Version) – David Chesworth (from ‘Layer on Layer’ LP)
Under The Hangar (Radio Edit) – Honey 2 Honey (from ‘A Taste Of’ EP)
So Much Better – Carla dal Forno (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Anymore – Vetchinsky Settings (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Spring Dawn On Mad Mile – Will Burns & Hannah Peel (from ‘Chalk Hill Blue’ LP)
The Colour Of Spring – Mark Hollis (from ‘Mark Hollis’ LP)
Want You – Tight Knit (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
The Girls Are Chewing Gum – Patience (from ‘Dizzy Spells’ LP. Bandcamp)
I’m Gonna Tell It – Robert Forster (from ‘Inferno‘ LP)
Pen Name – The Stroppies (from ‘Woosh!’ LP. Bandcamp)
Step By Step – Jasmine Minks (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
All About Hope – The Claim (from ‘Boomy Tella’ LP reissue. Bandcamp)
These Are Dangerous Times – Dragon Welding (from ‘Dragon Welding’ LP. Bandcamp)
I Want Your Dreams – Peter Perrett (from ‘Humanworld’ LP. Pre-order)
The Suburbs Are Killing Us – My Favorite (from ‘The Happiest Days Of Our Lives’ digital reissue LP. Bandcamp)
Closure – Mammoth Penguins (from ‘There’s no fight we can’t both win’ LP. Bandcamp)
Visions – Strand of Oaks (from ‘Eraserland‘ LP)
Hope (I Wish You’d Believe Me) – Wah! (the long version)
Doors of Your Heart – The Beat (R.I.P. Ranking Roger)

all the sadness and regret just left me

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a time to sell yourself

Weird Ways – Strand of Oaks (from ‘Eraserland‘ LP)
The Final Years – Bob Mould (from ‘Sunshine Rock’ LP. Bandcamp)
Seventeen – Sharon Van Etten (from ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ LP. Bandcamp)
You’re Not Always On My Mind – Quivers (digital single. Bandcamp)
Futurism – Deerhunter (from ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’ LP)
Ain’t That Always The Way – Paul Quinn (from ‘Big Gold Dreams’ CD boxset)
Molly Somebody – The Long Ryders (from ‘Psychedelic Country Soul’ LP)
Spanish Brigade – Steve Mason (from ‘About The Light’ LP)
Inferno (Brisbane In Summer) – Robert Forster (from ‘Inferno’ LP)
Do it Twice – Monnone Alone (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Strange Lovers – David Lance Callahan (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Stuck Here – Holiday Ghosts (from ‘West Bay Playroom’ LP. Bandcamp)
1959 – The Wendy Darlings (from ‘The Wendy Darlings Against Evil’ LP. Bandcamp)
Lost Ship – Juliana Hatfield (from ‘Weird’ LP)
Hopechapel Hill – Gravenhurst (from ‘Flashlight Seasons’ LP)
I Believe In You – Talk Talk (from ‘Spirit Of Eden’ LP. R.I.P. Mark Hollis)
The World’s in Town – Rustin Man (from ‘Drift Code‘ LP)
I Miss You (Acoustic Version) – Billie The Vision & The Dancers (from ‘Billie No Mates’ LP)
Last Warmth of the Day – TOY (from ‘Happy In The Hollow‘ LP)

a time for passing

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download 171

Spark from Flint to Clay – Ultramarine (from ‘Signals Into Space‘ LP)
First Sign – Rose Elinor Dougall (YouTube)
Cellophane Car – The Stroppies (from ‘Whoosh’ LP. Bandcamp)
Demands – Makthaverskan (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Swebeach – Westkust (from ‘Westkust’ LP. Bandcamp)
O / DESIRE – Public Service (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Draw The Line – Current Affairs (7″ single. Bandcamp)
The Inner Truth – The Vapour Trails (from ‘Godspeed It’ EP. Bandcamp)
Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting – The Twilight Sad (from ‘It Won’t Be Like This All The Time‘ LP)
The President Can’t Read – Amy Rigby (digital single. Bandcamp)
I Can Only Dream – The Undertones (from ‘The Sin Of Pride’ LP)
We Sell Hope – The Specials (from ‘Encore’ LP)
Cheer up Charley – The Delines (from ‘The Imperial’ LP. Bandcamp)
Looking For Love – Carpenters
Atlantic City – Dawn Landes (from ‘Covers’ EP. Bandcamp)
Darkness Be Gone – Lindi Ortega (from ‘Liberty’ LP)
Goodluck Man – Carson McHone (from ‘Carousel’ LP)
We Were a Happy Crew – Spirogyra (from ‘St. Radigunds’ LP)
Ineffable – Prefab Sprout (from ‘We Trawl The Megahertz’ LP)
End of the Rainbow – Barry Gibb (from ‘In The Now’ LP)

download 171

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turn it up and sing along

The Unsinkable Ship – Public Service Broadcasting (from ‘White Star Liner‘ EP)
Can’t Chain – NUN (from ‘The Dome’ LP. Bandcamp)
Handshake – THE EMBASSY (from ‘White Lake’ LP. Bandcamp)
Oh, What a World – Kacey Musgraves (from ‘Golden Hour‘ LP)
Morro Bay – Air Waves (from ‘Warrior’ LP. Bandcamp)
Neon Moon – Cigarettes After Sex (digital single. Bandcamp)
From When I Wake The Want Is – Kathryn Joseph (from ‘From When I Wake…‘ LP.
Only You – Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert (from ‘Ghost Stories‘ LP)
Winter Kills – Yazoo (from ‘Upstairs At Erics’ LP)
In Winter Still – Dot Allison (from ‘Afterglow’ LP)
Camel Coat (Browning Version) – Saint Etienne (7″ single)
Petrol and Ash – Pete Astor (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Why They Name Whiskey After Men – Dawn Landes (from ‘Meet Me At The River’ LP. Bandcamp)
Heart is Healing – Martha (digital single. Bandcamp)
Preservation Law – The Native Cats (from ‘Spiro Scratch’ EP. Bandcamp)
Permanently Wired – My Teenage Stride (digital single. Bandcamp)
Isn’t Easy – School Damage (from ‘A to X’ LP. Bandcamp)
Kids – Luluc (from ‘Sculptor’ LP. Bandcamp)
Reflections After Jane – The Clientele (available on ‘Suburban Light’ LP. Bandcamp)
Landscape Grown Cold – John Hartford (from ‘The Love Album’)
Ring Them Bells – Bob Dylan (from ‘No Mercy’ LP)
Madresfield – The Lilac Time (from ‘Astronauts’ LP)
Took You Up – Courtney Marie Andrews (from ‘May Your Kindness Return’ LP. Bandcamp)
This Will Be Our Year – The Zombies (from ‘Odessey & Oracle’ LP)

comes on strong and keeps you warm before it starts to do you in