Unpop 211

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Sleet – Princess Diana of Wales (from ‘Princess Diana of Wales‘ LP)
Suddenly Now Blurry – Ffion (from ‘Their Voyage Into Radiance‘ LP)
Vattnets kullkastande spegel – Anaglyfparken (from ‘Anaglyfparken‘ LP)
The Darkest Ending – Felt (from ‘The Pictorial Jackson Review’ LP)
Stillness – Poppy Ackroyd (from ‘Pause‘ LP)
Dusk – Library Tapes (from ‘Dusk‘ LP)
Song Thrush – Apta (from ‘Endangered Species 1998‘ LP)
When the North Wind Blows – Rowan Morrison (from ‘Bride of the Wintertide‘ LP)
January Snows – The Owl Service (from ‘Swearing On The Horns‘ LP)
A Cold War City – AMMO (digital single)
Silhouette By The Motorway – Torpa (from ‘In Action‘ LP)
Cinematic Lightness – Nurse Predator & Chris Hughes (from ‘Music for Low Luxury‘ LP)
The Smell of Trouble – Pumajaw (from ‘Scapa Foolscap‘ LP)
Extract – Seefeel (from ‘Succour‘ LP)
In My Heaven All Faucets Are Fountains – yes/and (from ‘yes/and‘ LP)
The Deep Valley of Shadow – Reiko and Tori Kudo (from ‘Tangerine‘ LP)
Adios Pamplona – Testbild! (digital single)

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Lite Bites – Position Normal (digital single)
Wax Limousine – Wesley Gonzalez (from ‘Wax Limousine‘ LP)
Flames – Martin Carr (digital single)
TV Flicker – Pale Blue Eyes (digital single)
Too Late Now – Wet Leg (from ‘Wet Leg‘ LP)
Paul McCartney – Laugh (7″ single. YouTube)
The Right Experience – Intastella (from ‘Intastella Overdrive’ LP)
Oh Yes – Paris Angels (from ‘C91‘ 3CD boxset)
Snake – Medalark Eleven (from ‘C91‘ 3CD boxset)
Wah Wah – George Is Lord (digital single)
The Skehans Song – Simon Bromide (from ‘Following The Moon‘ LP)
When The Magic Goes Wrong – The Toni Tubna Trio (from paperback book)
How Did You Die? – Lazy Smoke (from ‘Corridor of Faces‘ LP)
Jealous Guy – Hurray for the Riff Raff (from ‘My Dearest Darkest Neighbour‘ LP)
Hammond Song – The Colourfield (from ‘Virgins and Philistines’ LP)
The Train – The Roches (from ‘The Roches’ LP)
We Got Lost – The Bye Bye Blackbirds (digital single)
On The Last Day (We Spend Together) – David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra (from ‘For Those We Met On The Way‘ LP)
Ain’t That Always The Way (Lonesome Cowboy Original Mix) – Paul Quinn (from digital EP)
Different Drum – The Stone Poneys (YouTube)
Don’t Call On Me – The Monkees (YouTube)

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Unpop 209

So hard to ascertain… Download disc 1

Slack Tide – Jay Cliffen (from ‘Half Speed Heart‘ LP)
Stagdale in the Snow – The Hardy Tree (from ‘Stagdale part 2‘ EP)
Quiet Shore – Maxine Funke (from ‘Seance‘ LP)
Edinburgh Winter Blues (with Dean Owens) – Ian Rankin (from ‘The Wanderer – a tribute to Jackie Leven‘ LP)
Offgrid:Offline – Looper (from ‘Offgrid: Offline‘ LP)
Spirits In The Static (Mugwood Mix) – Statues In Fog (from ‘Holding Hands In The Dark‘ compilation)
Wake the Vaulted Echo (Tigon Mix by RAF) – The Owl Service (from ‘Swearing On The Horns‘ LP)
Before We Vanish – Torpa (from ‘In Action‘ LP)
Buried Network – Pye Corner Audio (from ‘Entangled Routes‘ LP)
The High Priestess and the Hierophant – Burd Ellen (from 7″ single)
Goodbye Gemini – Sophie Cooper (from ‘Goodbye Gemini‘ LP)
Home Soup – Sally Anne Morgan (from ‘Cups‘ LP)
Snow Owl – The Mountain Goats (from ‘The Jordan Lake Sessions: Vol 3 & 4‘)
Foxboy – David Lance Callahan (from ‘English Primitive I‘ LP)
Forever Knowing – The Oscillation (from ‘Untold Futures‘ LP)

We are the heathens… Download disc 2

Halo – Loop (from ‘Sonancy‘ LP)
Motionless – Pale Blue Eyes (7″ single)
I’m Alice – Augustine Bousfield (from ‘I’m Alice‘ EP)
Wet Dream – Wet Leg (digital single. Live on YouTube)
Sweets – World Of Twist (available on C91 3CD compilation)
Pour oublier – Feutre (from ‘Nos rencontres‘ LP YouTube)
She’ll Be There – Rinaldi Sings (from ‘The Party’s Over‘ LP)
Ben – Tigers & Flies (from ‘Among Everything Else‘ LP)
I’m Not The Enemy – Ian M Bailey (from ‘Songs to Dream Along To‘ LP)
So Many Days – Triptides (from ‘So Many Days‘ EP)
King of Hollywood – Withered Hand (from ‘New Gods‘ LP)
Lo Lo Lonely – Young Guv (from ‘Guv III‘ LP)
18 Cigarettes – Ducks Ltd. (from ‘Modern Fiction‘ LP)
Something Fishy Going On – The New Fools (digital single)
the poohsticks – Swansea Sound (from ‘Live At The Rum Puncheon‘ LP)
The Betsey Gets Me (Christmas special) – Parenthesis… and acquaintances (from ‘24‘ compilation LP)
The Ballad For The Button-downs – David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra (from ‘David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra‘ LP)
Midnight Moonlight – Mapache (from ‘3‘ LP)
The Ballad of Easy Rider – The Natvral + Jen Goma (digital single)
More Together – Devon Sproule (from ‘The Gold String‘ LP)
Skyway – North Atlantic Explorers (digital single)
As We Go Along – The Monkees (YouTube)

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At the edge

Harry Gruyaert may not be a landscape photographer but as we have noted he is a great photographer of landscape. Perhaps the best proof of this is his ‘Edges’ collection in which Gruyaert selects and sequences photographs made at those points where land meets water meets sky. Land, Sea and Air as Appliance once sang, which is an appropriate reference after all since we have been musing somewhat on James Brooks’ work in recent weeks too. ‘Edges’ is a great book. It is one of those ‘chicken and egg’ collections. In other words it is one of those photography books where you see the relationship between time, intention and realisation play out in the unfolding narrative, where the ’story’ is one of endless, timeless variations on the themes of movement, stasis, flux and firmament. Gruyaert’s photographs map out our relationships with the sea as source of leisure and of commerce. They document the ways in which those relationships affect both the landscapes and the people in those edge lands. Here the cranes, docks and tough raggedy youth of industrial Galician coastal towns; there the glazed-in loneliness of wealthy retirees in a Le Touquet spa hotel. Always grainy, always underexposed. Just so.

Leafing through Edges I am reminded again of Rothko’s paintings. All the same. All different. The devils are in the details; in the subtle shifts of focus, light, shade, composition. Don’t mess with the formula. Don’t push the idea further than it needs to go. Explore the endless possibilities provided by minimal scope. At the edges. What else.

Well what else indeed, except that when I talk about edges I am of course tempted to listen to songs about edges. Making playlists is perhaps the curse of the hapless (almost exclusively) male trapped inside a world of books and films (or photographs) flailing around for a means of reaching a world that he knows exists yet cannot quite seem to reach (or even see). Should this be the case then my own list of songs at the edges (often, though not entirely exclusively, of the edges of landscapes) is shared here as a glimpse into that liminal borderland between my mediated (musical) understanding of that space and yours. And yes, you can expect more landscape themed mixes in the coming months.

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River’s Edge – A Certain Ratio
From The Edge Of Maps – Cody
At the Edge of the Sea – The Wedding Present
Cliff edge – The Bats
Edge Of Town – The Bye Bye Blackbirds
At the Edge of the World – Billy MacKenzie
Water’s Edge – Tsunami
Edge of August – The Windmills
Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce Springsteen
At The Edge Of The Wood – Dead Meadow
On the Edge Of – Low
Edge of the World – Let’s Active
Edges And Corners – Standard Fare
Edge Of Everything – Colour Me Wednesday
Safe Around the Edges – His Clancyness
Living On The Edge Of The World – Bruce Springsteen
River’s Edge – Still Corners
Sea Comes At Its Edges – Starry Eyed and Laughing
Edge Of The Sea – Prelude
The Edge of Forever – The Dream Academy

unpop 171

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Spark from Flint to Clay – Ultramarine (from ‘Signals Into Space‘ LP)
First Sign – Rose Elinor Dougall (YouTube)
Cellophane Car – The Stroppies (from ‘Whoosh’ LP. Bandcamp)
Demands – Makthaverskan (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Swebeach – Westkust (from ‘Westkust’ LP. Bandcamp)
O / DESIRE – Public Service (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Draw The Line – Current Affairs (7″ single. Bandcamp)
The Inner Truth – The Vapour Trails (from ‘Godspeed It’ EP. Bandcamp)
Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting – The Twilight Sad (from ‘It Won’t Be Like This All The Time‘ LP)
The President Can’t Read – Amy Rigby (digital single. Bandcamp)
I Can Only Dream – The Undertones (from ‘The Sin Of Pride’ LP)
We Sell Hope – The Specials (from ‘Encore’ LP)
Cheer up Charley – The Delines (from ‘The Imperial’ LP. Bandcamp)
Looking For Love – Carpenters
Atlantic City – Dawn Landes (from ‘Covers’ EP. Bandcamp)
Darkness Be Gone – Lindi Ortega (from ‘Liberty’ LP)
Goodluck Man – Carson McHone (from ‘Carousel’ LP)
We Were a Happy Crew – Spirogyra (from ‘St. Radigunds’ LP)
Ineffable – Prefab Sprout (from ‘We Trawl The Megahertz’ LP)
End of the Rainbow – Barry Gibb (from ‘In The Now’ LP)

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unpop 160

unpop160 march 2018

it ain’t fun unless it hurts some

New Shapes of Life – Martin Carr (from ‘New Shapes Of Life‘ LP)
I Only Bought It for the Bottle – The Orielles (from ‘Silver Dollar Moment‘ LP)
Least That We Can Do – Buffalo Tom (from ‘Quiet and Peace‘ LP)
Meet Me in Milan – The Magic Circles (from ‘Kirk Street’ LP. Bandcamp)
Every Girl – Famous Problems (from ‘Hey! It’s Raining!’ LP. Bandcamp)
Tell Me You’ll Be Mine – The Wrong Society (7″ single. Bandcamp)
700 Spas – The Death Of Pop (from ‘Heads West’ EP. Bandcamp)
Show Me How – Men I Trust (digital single. Bandcamp)
Oshawa – Young Guv (from ‘2 Sad 2 Funk’ LP. Bandcamp)
Turn Down Day – Young Guv (from ‘2 Sad 2 Funk’ LP. Bandcamp)
Speak French Madison Acid and TV Girl (from ‘Maddie Acid’s Purple Hearts Club Band’ LP. Bandcamp)
Everybody Wants to Be Famous – Superorganism (from ‘Superorganism‘ LP)
Alarms – Daphne & Celeste (from ‘Daphne and Celeste Save The World‘ LP)
Amsterdam – Nadia Oh (YouTube)
Chromium-Plated We’re So Elated – Go Kart Mozart (from ‘Mozart’s Mini Mart‘ LP)
Age of Corruption – Alan Klein (from ‘Well At Least It’s British’ LP. YouTube)
Fake Protest Song – Whyte Horses (from ‘Empty Words‘ LP)
Beneath the Visible Surface – Astro Children (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Run – The Shifting Sands (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Mrs Mainwaring – Jack Hayter (from ‘Abbey Wood’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Red Sox Are Winning – Earth Opera (from ‘Earth Opera’ LP. YouTube)
All That Remains – The Left Outsides (from ‘All That Remains’ LP)
Dust Remains – 14 Iced Bears (from ’14 Iced Bears’ LP. Bandcamp)
Underwater – Totally Mild (from ‘Her‘ LP)

overrated, celebrated, estimated, chromium plated

Unpop 158

unpop158 February 2018 copy

I remember detail, I remember style

Red Indians – Felt (from ‘The Splendour Of Fear’ LP)
Rainbow Boogie – The Tyde (from ‘Darren 4’ LP Bandcamp)
Unto the Earth – Last of the Easy Riders (from ‘Unto The Earth’ LP Bandcamp)
Fireworks – First Aid Kit (from’Ruins’ LP YouTube)
Each Time We Pass – Hookworms (from ‘Microshifts’ LP Bandcamp)
Queen – Tracey Thorn (from ‘Record‘ LP YouTube)
When You’re Depressed – Go Kart Mozart (from ‘Mozart’s Mini Mart‘ LP YouTube)
Mayday – The Go! Team (from ‘Semicircle‘ LP YouTube)
Donca – Headless Chickens  (R.I.P. Grant Fell. YouTube)
Hoover Dam – Sugar (from ‘Copper Blue’ LP)
Not What I’m Sayin’- Delta (from ‘Hardlight‘ LP)
Melting Over You – Beechwood (from ‘Songs From The Land Of Nod‘ LP)
Underdog – The Dirtbombs (from ‘Ultraglide In Black’ LP YouTube)
Hey Heartbreaker – Dream Wife (from ‘Dream Wife’ LP Bandcamp)
A Revivalist Impulse – Band Of Holy Joy (from ‘Funambulist We Love You’ LP Bandcamp)
One Better Day – Madness (from ‘Keep Moving’ LP YouTube)
Lust Roulette – Bradford (from ‘Thirty Years of Shouting Quietly’ LP Bandcamp)
Diary of a Skinbird – Graham Fellows (from ‘Weird Town’ LP Bandcamp)
Keeping the Curtains Closed – The Jazz Butcher (from ‘Fishcotheque’ LP)
Beautiful Despair – Television Personalities (from ‘Beautiful Despair’ LP Bandcamp)

the rhythm of your shoes

unpop 152

Unpop152 August 2017

Here I am again, it’s no surprise  

The Just Joans – No Longer Young Enough (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Baby Arms – Eviscerator (from ‘Sampler 2017’ LP. Bandcamp)
Pale Spectres – D(r)iving (from ‘Pale Spectres’ EP. Bandcamp)
Wesley Gonzalez – Exhibition Song (from ‘Excellent Musician’ LP. Bandcamp)
Sprites – George Romero (from ‘Modern Gameplay’ LP. YouTube)
Popsicle – Third Opinion (from ‘The Good Side Of’ LP. YouTube)
Nick Heyward – Reach Out For The Sun (from ‘The Apple Bed’ LP)
The Death Of Pop – Useless (from ‘Fed Up’ LP. Bandcamp)

Clear Light – How Many Days Have Passed (from ‘Clear Light’ LP. YouTube)
The Junipers – Summer Queen (from ‘Red Bouquet Fair’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Soft Boys – Queen of Eyes (from ‘Underwater Moonlight’ LP)
Ralegh Long – Big August (from ‘Upwards Of Summer’ LP. Bandcamp)
This Is the Kit – Hotter Colder (from ‘Moonshine Freeze‘ LP. YouTube)
Public Service Broadcasting – They Gave Me A Lamp (Ft. Haiku Salut) (from ‘Every Valley’ LP. YouTube)
Drömstad – Leave It (from the ‘Milk’ EP. Website)
Chris T-T – The Shape We’re In (from ‘The 253’ LP. Live on the 4th plinth on YouTube)
The Hayman Kupa Band – Reach Out (from ‘The Hayman Kupa Band’ LP. Bandcamp)
Robert Scott – stop and smell the roses (from ‘Holding Hands Under a Cloudless Sky – A Tribute to the Television Personalities: Vol 4‘ LP)
Pearls Before Swine – Footnote (from ‘These Things Too’ LP. YouTube)
Pete Fij, Terry Bickers – Over You (from ‘We Are Millionaires’ LP. Bandcamp)
Terry – Homage (from ‘Remember Terry‘ LP)
Rose McDowall – Make It Easy On Yourself (from ‘Our Twisted Love’ LP. Bandcamp)

Switch your bloody phone off

unpop 151

Unpop151 July 2017

Sun through the trees

Chancer – The Stevens (from ‘Good’ LP. Bandcamp)
PART TIME GOTH – Hulaboy (from Hulaboy/Safe Distance split LP. Bandcamp)
Wear Black – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Goths‘ LP)
A Litttle Knowledge – Scritti Politti (YouTube)
Underneath The Apple Tree – Saint Etienne (from ‘Home Counties‘ LP.)
Isolation Culture – His Clancyness (from ‘Isolation Culture’ LP. Bandcamp)
Paint It Blue – FEVERFEW (from ‘The Test Of Time’ compilation. Bandcamp)
Lunar Days – The Clientele (from ‘Music For The Age of Miracles‘ LP YouTube)
Shouldn’t have to be like that – Jørn Åleskjær (Soundcloud)
I’ll Sail This Ship Alone – Trust Fund ft. Gareth Campesinos (flexi disc)
Queer for the Summer – Colour Me Wednesday (digital single. Bandcamp)
Laura Palmer – The Luxembourg Signal (7″ single)
Traumatic – Young Guv (single. Bandcamp)
Second Hand Shops – S K Y T O N E (from ‘JangleWaves’ LP. Bandcamp)
Take Me To the City – Terry (from ‘Remember Terry‘ LP)
Sleeping on my Dreams – Ralegh Long (from ‘Upwards of Summer’ LP. Bandcamp)
keys – two white cranes (from ‘Conway Court’ EP. Bandcamp)
When You Lose – Astro Children (digital single. Bandcamp)
Blue Dog/Good life – Mount Trout (from ‘Screwy’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Seeker – Buffalo Tom
Circles – Robyn Gibson (from ‘Bob Of The Pops Vol 2’. Bandcamp)
Glastonbury – Rodney Allen (available on C88 compilation)

You said nothing nice but laughed at the hippies

September Skies

September Skies

September Skies – The Apartments from ‘No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal’ LP. Bandcamp)
We Were Meant 2 B – Princess Chelsea (from ‘The Great Cybernetic Depression’ LP. BandcampYouTube)
What You Won’t Do For Love – Junior Boys (soundcloud)
Gamlestan – The Honeydrips (digital single. Bandcamp)
Move On – Totally Mild (from ‘Down Time’ LP. Bandcamp)
Golden (demo) – MERCURY GIRLS (from ‘demos’. Bandcamp)
Stranger – Hans Pucket (digital single. Bandcamp)
John – Thee AHs (from ‘Names’ LP. Bandcamp)
Trouble in Paradise – Tele Novella (digital single. Bandcamp)
I don’t wanna – Candelaria Varela (from ‘Confesiones de un sábado a la noche’ EP. Bandcamp)
When You Were Mine – The Flatmates (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Sleep Talk – Diet Cig (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
As Time Rolls By – Paul Messis (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Another Saturday – Kip McGrath (from ‘Kip McGrath’ EP. Bandcamp)
P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. P.I.E.R.R.E – Hooton Tennis Club (from ‘ The Highest Point In Cliff Town‘ LP. soundcloud)
Without You – The Wrong Society (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Why – Restless Hearts (from ‘Restless Hearts’ LP. Bandcamp)
Me And The Stars And The Sea – Brideshead (from ‘Never Grow Up’ LP. Bandcamp)
Departures – Owl & Mouse (from ‘Departures’ LP. Bandcamp. YouTube))
Hounslow Solicitors (Acoustic Mix) – The Bitter Springs (from ‘Cuttlefish and Love’s Remains‘ LP)

Download the mix here.



Fear – The Sun Days (from ‘Album’ LP. Bandcamp)
Rest & Be Thankful – Linden (from ‘Rest And be Thankful‘ LP. YouTube)
Get Away From Me Right Now – Flemmings (from ‘Shake Well Before Use’ EP. Bandcamp)
Champion Fullback – Teaser Pony (from ‘Teaser Pony’ EP. Bandcamp)
Kathleen Sat on the Arm of Her Favourite Chair – Hooton Tennis Club (from 7″ and digital single)
I Can’t Wait – Dean Wareham (from ‘Luna Demos 1991’. Bandcamp)
Overgrow – Talking Bush (from ‘Ordinary Unusual’ EP. ShelflifeYouTube)
Swallow – A Riot of Colour (from ‘Everywhere A Maltby’ retrospective. Soundcloud)
Wheezer – Tigercats (from ‘Indietracks 2015’ compilation. Bandcamp)
It’s Not Yourself But It’s Future – Hedgehog (from ‘Neurons’ LP. Bandcamp)
Hippies – Drug Train (from ‘Free Hippy’ EP. Bandcamp)
Hey Rusty – Lloyd Cole and the Commotions (from ‘Mainstream‘ LP)
Kimberley – Clinic (from ‘Clinic‘ LP YouTube)
Memory – Death Masks (from ‘Queen’s Language’ EP. Bandcamp)
Weakdays – Gurgles (from ‘Gurglefirst’ LP. Bandcamp)
Atlantic City – Allo Darlin’ (from ‘Play Some Pool, Skip Some School, Act Real Cool’ LP. Bandcamp)
Basic Economics – Owl and Mouse (from ‘Departures’ LP. Bandcamp)
Resilience – Two White Cranes (from ‘Radisson Blue’ LP. Bandcamp)
Atlasmuren – Azure Blue (from ‘Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea’ LP. Bandcamp)
Closing Time at the Punk Rock Hotel – Edwin Collins, Carwyn Ellis, Sebastian Lewsley (from ‘The Possibilities Are Endless‘ soundtrack LP)

Download the mix here.