The home of Unpopular culture began inhabiting this particular corner of virtual space at some point in the 21st Century. Quite when has been lost to the annals of time. Or we are just too lazy to check the records to find out when we transferred the blog from its previous home on Typepad. Prior to that, the home of Unpopular culture resided at www.tangents.co.uk as a place to dump thoughts and musings not destined to reach full maturity as articles for the main site. Some say none of the articles on the Tangents site ever reached maturity, but we say such people are just jealous and were too lazy to make websites in the 1990s. We believe there is archaeological evidence of Unpopular activity prior to the digital age in the form of paper artefacts called ‘fanzines’ such as  ‘Fantastique!’, ‘The Melody Haunts My Reverie’, ‘Fire Raisers’ and ‘Delight In The New Wonderland’, but this may be here-say.