Unpop 158

unpop158 February 2018 copy

I remember detail, I remember style

Red Indians – Felt (from ‘The Splendour Of Fear’ LP)
Rainbow Boogie – The Tyde (from ‘Darren 4’ LP Bandcamp)
Unto the Earth – Last of the Easy Riders (from ‘Unto The Earth’ LP Bandcamp)
Fireworks – First Aid Kit (from’Ruins’ LP YouTube)
Each Time We Pass – Hookworms (from ‘Microshifts’ LP Bandcamp)
Queen – Tracey Thorn (from ‘Record‘ LP YouTube)
When You’re Depressed – Go Kart Mozart (from ‘Mozart’s Mini Mart‘ LP YouTube)
Mayday – The Go! Team (from ‘Semicircle‘ LP YouTube)
Donca РHeadless Chickens  (R.I.P. Grant Fell. YouTube)
Hoover Dam – Sugar (from ‘Copper Blue’ LP)
Not What I’m Sayin’- Delta (from ‘Hardlight‘ LP)
Melting Over You – Beechwood (from ‘Songs From The Land Of Nod‘ LP)
Underdog – The Dirtbombs (from ‘Ultraglide In Black’ LP YouTube)
Hey Heartbreaker – Dream Wife (from ‘Dream Wife’ LP Bandcamp)
A Revivalist Impulse – Band Of Holy Joy (from ‘Funambulist We Love You’ LP Bandcamp)
One Better Day – Madness (from ‘Keep Moving’ LP YouTube)
Lust Roulette – Bradford (from ‘Thirty Years of Shouting Quietly’ LP Bandcamp)
Diary of a Skinbird – Graham Fellows (from ‘Weird Town’ LP Bandcamp)
Keeping the Curtains Closed – The Jazz Butcher (from ‘Fishcotheque’ LP)
Beautiful Despair – Television Personalities (from ‘Beautiful Despair’ LP Bandcamp)

the rhythm of your shoes