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You and I were young those summer nights

From Philip Roth to R Zimmerman – Amy Rigby (from ‘The Old Guys’ LP. Bandcamp)
This Train – Moscow Circus (digital single)
An Air Conditioned Man – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (from ‘Hope Downs’ LP. Bandcamp)
Clothed in Ivy, Obscured by Dust – The Left Outsides (from ‘All That Remains’ LP. Bandcamp)
Self-Destruct Reality – Jetstream Pony (from ‘Self-Destruct Reality’ EP. Bandcamp)
I Never Learn – the Orchids (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Want You – Tight Knit (from forthcoming 7″. Bandcamp)
Summer Days – ALPACA SPORTS (from ‘From Paris With Love’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Saddest Story Ever Told – The Magnetic Fields (YouTube)
Roller Disco – Jonathan Bree (from ‘Sleepwalking’ LP. Bandcamp)
Black Lagoon – Still Corners (from ‘Slow Air’ LP. Bandcamp)
Graffiti Hen Ewrop – ILU (single on Libertino records)
Aperture – L. Valerie (from ‘Arranged Marriage’ EP. Bandcamp)
Saltillo – Mapache (from ‘Mapache’ LP. Bandcamp)
Me & Magdalena – The Monkees (YouTube)
Kathleen – GospelbeacH (from ‘Another Summer Of Love‘ LP)
Kathleen – East Village (YouTube)
Kalinda – Papernut Cambridge (from ‘Outstairs Instairs’ LP. Bandcamp)
Gaze – Marlaena Moore (from ‘Gaze’ LP. Bandcamp)
Never Let Me Go – Swing Out Sister (from ‘Almost Persuaded‘ LP Japanese bonus tracks version)
LETS BE CLEAR – Oliver jackson (digital single. Bandcamp)
My Dear One – Nick Garrie (from ‘The Moon And The Village LP. Bandcamp)

All that was between us was the sound of the rain

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our music is the best

She Passes Through The Night – David Lance Callahan (from ‘7 and 77’ collection. Bandcamp)
Thinking About You – Jübl (digital single. Bandcamp)
W.X.J.L. Tonight – The Human League (from ‘Reproduction’ LP)
Kowalski – Primal Scream (from ‘Vanishing Point’ LP)
Berlin – Chaos Chaos (from ‘Chaos Chaos’ LP. Spotify)
Wounded – Claudia Brucken & Jerome Froese (from ‘Beginn‘ LP)
That Way Again – Mazzy Star (from ‘Still’ EP)
Crush – Cigarettes After Sex (digital single. Bandcamp)
Was That Love? – the Catenary Wires (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Ghost at Cockcrow – Señor Alec Thompson (from ‘Mouche’ LP. Bandcamp)
A Hymn For The Postal Service – Hefner (from ‘Breaking God’s Heart’ LP reissue.)
Disgusted E7 – The Wolfhounds (from ‘Hands in the Till – The complete John Peel sessions’ LP. Bandcamp)
Sister’s Jeans – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (from ‘Hope Downs’ LP. Bandcamp)
Complex – The Chills (from ‘Snowbound’ LP. Bandcamp)
(I Wanna See U) All the Time – GospelbeacH (from ‘Another Summer Of Love‘ LP
Our Country – Ray Davies (from ‘Americana Act 2’ LP)
A Little More Love – Juliana Hatfield (from ‘Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton​-​John’ LP. Bandcamp)
Love My Boyfriend – Princess Chelsea (digital single. Bandcamp)
Catatonic – The Essex Green (from ‘Hardly Electronic’ LP. Bandcamp)
Listening To Another Sunny Day Makes Me Forget You – Butterbeer (from ‘Obliviate’ LP. Bandcamp)

you just don’t need the rest

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unpop162 june 2018 copy

Give the sun half a chance and it will shine

Figure It Out – Chaos Chaos (from ‘Chaos Chaos’ LP. Spotify)
Vanishing Point – New Order (from ‘Technique’ LP YouTube)
Fast Boys and Factory Girls – PORT SULPHUR (from ‘Paranoic Critical’ LP. Bandcamp)
You Supply The Roses – Memphis (7″ single. YouTube)
Do You Wanna Hold Me? – Bow Wow Wow (on ‘Your Box Set Go‘ box set)
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – John Howard (from ‘Kid In A Big World’ LP. YouTube)
Situation Comedy Blues – Momus (from ‘The Poison Boyfriend’ LP. YouTube)
Model Village – The Penny Peeps (7″ single b-side YouTube)
Different Drum – The Stone Poneys (YouTube)
The Old Guys – Amy Rigby (from ‘The Old Guys’ LP. Bandcamp)
Charity – Courtney Barnett (from ‘Tell me How You Really Feel’ LP. Bandcamp)
She Knows – The Goon Sax (from ‘We’re Not Talking’ LP. Bandcamp)
Falling Down the Stairs – Even As We Speak (from ‘Feral Pop Frenzy’ LP. Bandcamp)
Chains – Vital Idles (from ‘Left Hand’ LP. Bandcamp)
Beauty Is Truth – The Verlaines (from ‘Untimely Meditations’ LP. Bandcamp)
Disown – Colour Me Wednesday (from ‘Counting Pennies In The Afterlife’ LP. Bandcamp)
Folk Song – The Sundays (from ‘Static and Silence’ LP. YouTube)
It Can’t Be Love Unless It Hurts – Tracyanne & Danny (from ‘Tracyanne & Danny’ LP. Bandcamp)
Rhythm Of The Rain – The Pooches (from ‘Heart Attack’ EP. Bandcamp)
Civil War Lament – The Left Outsides (from ‘There Is A Place’ LP. Bandcamp)
Trapeze Boy – Jack Frost (from ‘Jack Frost’ LP. YouTube)
Death of a Party Girl – TV Girl (from ‘Death of a Party Girl’ LP. Bandcamp)

It always hurts when no-one replies