Unpop 229

Mirosa – Ultramarine (from ‘Send and Return‘ LP)
Canal Crash – Samuel Sharp (from ‘Consequential‘ LP)
Bicycle Ballet – Gilroy Mere (from ‘Gilden Gate‘ LP)
Until The Heart Stops – GNAC (from ‘The Echoes On Departure‘ LP)
Wildlife Cameraman (Summer Farm) – Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower (from ‘Even Days Dissolve‘ LP)
A Seagull Learns To Sleep Alone – Penelope Trappes (from ‘Heavenly Spheres‘ LP
Interior Space – Everything But the Girl (from ‘Fuse‘ LP)
Mother – The New Eves (from ‘Slow Dance 22‘ LP)
Runaway – Marlody (from ‘I’m Not Sure At All‘ LP)
Blue Over Blue – The Clientele (from ‘I Am Not There Anymore‘ LP)
Cassis – Triptides (from ‘Starlight‘ LP)
Too Late – Chapterhouse (from ‘Chronology Albums, Singles, B-Sides, Remixes & Demos‘,’ 6CD Box Set)
Ballerina Out of Control – The Ocean Blue (from ‘Cherry Stars Collide – Dream Pop, Shoegaze & Ethereal Rock 1986-1995‘ 4CD Box Set)
Bête – Special Friend (from ‘Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In‘ LP)
Midnight Sun – RVG (from ‘Brain Worms‘ LP)
The Dark (Edit) – Dragon Welding (from ‘Fictionary‘ LP)
Climb Down – Thirteen At Midnight (from ‘Musik Music Musique 3.0 – 1982 Synthpop On The Air‘ 3CD Box Set)
You Tore Me Down – The Flamin’ Groovies (from ‘The Sire Machine Turns You Up’ LP. R.I.P. Seymour Stein)
Wrap Up The Rockets – The Freshies (from ‘Keeping Control – Independent Music From Manchester 1977-1981‘ 3CD Box Set)
The Diary of a Nobody – Heist (from ‘Births, Deaths and Marriages‘ LP)
Your Just Lonely – Comet Gain (from ‘The Misfit Jukebox‘ LP)

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I’m Going To Get Free – Dexys (from ‘The Feminine Divine‘ LP)
Freedom Highway – BRIAN AUGER & JULIE TIPPETTS (from ‘Encore‘ LP)
Foray Through Keshakhtaran (single) – The Flowers Of Hell (from ‘Keshakhtaran‘ LP)
Broken Nights/Faded Cities – Martin Stephenson (from ‘You Belong To Blue‘ LP)
Alegria, Alegria (Caetano Veloso cover) – El Valerie (from ‘Pan-American Pop‘ LP)
Don’t Know Why – Kostars (from ‘Klassics with a K’ LP. R.I.P. Vivian Trimble)
Seaforth – King Krule (from ‘Space Heavy‘ LP)
She Is Beyond Good and Evil – The Pop Group (from ‘Y’ LP. R.I.P. Mark Stewart)
Extremities – Hairband (from ‘Under The Plow‘ LP)
Girl On The Corner – Focal Point (from ‘Let’s Stomp! Merseybeat And Beyond 1962-1969‘, 3CD Box Set)
Paper Cuts (Original Version 2003) – the boy least likely to (digital single)
Ride Along – Those Pretty Wrongs (from ‘Holiday Camp‘ LP)
The Wringer – Martha Ffion (from ‘The Wringer‘ LP)
On a Monday Morning – Lankum (from ‘False Lankum‘ LP)
Hunting the Wren – Natalie Merchant (from ‘Keep Your Courage‘ LP)
Seemed True – The Weather Station (from ‘What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know?‘ EP)
I Am The River, The River Is Me – Jen Cloher (from ‘I Am The River, The River Is Me‘ LP)
High and Away – Shirley Collins (from ‘Archangel Hill‘ LP)
Call On You – maxine funke (from ‘River Said‘ LP)
roof inverted – two white cranes (digital single)
Time Is Tender – My Favorite (digital single)

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