Unpop 218

Download Disc 1

Meli (II) – Bicep (digital single)
The Hill – Räven Musen (from ‘Peppermint Soldier‘ LP)
West Treding (Clatter Valve mix) – holmes and atten ash (from ‘Peace and Plenty‘ compilation LP)
Ghost of Love (Plukatan) – Schmitz & Niebuhr (from ‘The Greatest Hits‘)
Fig.1c The Third Phase Of House Construction – Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan (from ‘Moonbuilding Summer Special‘ fanzine and CD)
This Earth That You Walk Upon – Simple Minds (from ‘Sons and Fascination’ LP)
Notgonnachange – Classic Club – Swing Out Sister (from ‘Blue Mood, Breakout And Beyond – The Early Years Part 1‘ 8CD Box Set)
Good Times – Jungle (digital single. YouTube)
I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby (Marhsall Jefferson Symphony Mix) – Soul Family Sensation (from ‘Fell From The Sun‘ LP)
A Man Without A Face – The Chants (from ‘Gotta Get A Good Thing Goin’ – The Music Of Black Britain In The Sixties, 4CD Book Set‘)
Globe – Pale Blue Eyes (from ‘Souvenirs‘ LP)
Pamela – Robert Sekula (digital single)
1994 – Theatre Royal (from ‘Beneath The Floor‘ EP)
Once Upon a Bombshell – Northern Portrait (from ‘The Swiss Army‘ LP)
Wind In My Blood – Young Guv (from ‘Guv IV‘ LP)
The Garden – Dan Weltman (from ‘Rivers In My Mind‘ LP)
Geraldine – Mabel Joy (from ‘Before The Day Is Done – The Story Of Folk Heritage Records 1968-1975‘ 3CD Box Set)
Defences – Emily Fairlight / The Shifting Sands (from ‘Sun Casts a Shadow‘ LP also from Occultation for the UK)

Download Disc 2

Ecce Quadragesimo Tertio – Michael Tanner (from ‘Vespers / The Blackening‘ LP)
Orpheus – North Sea Navigator (from ‘Peace and Plenty‘ compilation LP)
Porth Ia – Gwenno (from ‘Tresor‘ LP)
The Man Who Waved at Trains – Soft Machine (from ‘Bundles‘ Remastered & Expanded 2CD Edition)
Asleep On The Runway – Moonbears (from ‘Four Sides for Red‘ LP)
Linen In The Sun – Lucy Roleff & Lehmann B Smith (from ‘Dark Green‘ LP)
Lazy Day – Peregrine (from ‘Before The Day Is Done – The Story Of Folk Heritage Records 1968-1975‘ 3CD Box Set)
The 1st Person – Bachdenkel (from ‘Rise And Fall – The Anthology‘ 3CD)
Lean Into Me – Gordon McIntyre (from ‘Even With The Support Of Others‘ LP)
A Bird Came Down The Walk – Matthew Bannister (from ‘The Saddest Noise (2022)‘ LP)
Citrus Beach – Tan Cologne (from 7″ and digital single)
Highway Sun – Triptides (from ‘So Many Days‘ LP)
Curse the Conscience – Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears (from ‘Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears‘ LP)
The Sadness In The Air – the boy least likely to (from digital single and 7″)
When the World Stops Ending – Dolour (digital single)
Schweden Espresso – Sofie Royer (from ‘Harlequin‘ LP)
Don’t Stop The Music – New Seekers (from ‘The Albums 1975-1985‘ 4CD Box Set)
Champion The Underdog – Sutherland Brothers (from ‘Miles Out To Sea: The Roots Of British Power Pop 1969-1975‘ 3CD Box Set)
Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Bleed Out‘ LP)
Art / Empire / Industry – Bill Nelson’s Red Noise (from ‘Art/Empire/Industry – The Complete Red Noise‘ 6CD Remastered Box Set)
the seeker – Sweet Juice (from ‘Sweet Juice‘ LP)
Kodak Ghosts Run Amok – Eyeless In Gaza (from ‘Skeletal Framework – The Cherry Red Recordings 1981-1986‘ 5CD Box Set)
The Saddest Story Ever Told – Mick Trouble (from ‘Oddities and Sodsities‘ EP)
Sometimes Accidentally – The Goon Sax (from ‘Up To Anything‘ LP)

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